SP2U April 2019 Promo

Promotion starts 1st April to 30th April 2019. /Images/Upload/frmCMSContent/Kvt7OtwkUeKzgMIxDDzK.jpg

Terms and Conditions

  1. Maximum quantity of 2 per item for each customer
  2. Promotion for these items will run from  1 April 2019 and ends on 30th April 2019.
  3. If you add an item to the cart but don't checkout within the promotion period, you are not eligible to claim the promotion price
  4. Any additional discount coupons that you have will not work for our Monthly promotions
  5. SP2U reserves the right to cancel any promotions at our discretion
  6. For more information on shipping duration and rates, click here
  7. For further information, contact us here
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