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Genuine auto parts or

10x your money back

Be at ease when shopping on our marketplace. This is achieved through a meticulous process selecting our close circle of suppliers.

Easy navigation and

intuitive design

Sporting a sleek and easy-to-navigate design, we provide you an intuitive experience in browsing through our massive selection of products.

Simple and

Secure Payment

We offer you multiple ways to pay securely. All payments are made through iPay88 who's name precedes itself. A track record of 14 years of continuous below industry threshold fraud ratios.

With lasting relationships from over 1,000 auto distributors, SP2U guarantees 100% guaranteed genuine auto parts or 10x your money back. We saw a problem with the Malaysian spare auto parts landscape - if you were a well-informed buyer, you wouldn't know if you were getting genuine auto parts; and if you weren't well-informed, chances are that you have been tricked into buying imitation auto parts for a premium. We didn't like that. When we pay for a premium, we want premium; When we pay for a premium, we expect to get our money's worth; but most of all, when we pay a premium, we expect to be safe. Say what you want about getting auto parts for a third of the price, but when the difference between life and death is a meter away; there really isn't a price we wouldn't pay.

SP2U is an online e-commerce platform for spare automotive parts and services, operated by Meteorsoft Sdn. Bhd. At SP2U, We offer an extensive selection of high quality guaranteed genuine auto parts at competitive prices or 10x your money back.

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